A chill echo

Today, coworker Joanne and I went to the hospital to have Amina’s echo.  The doctors informed us that there is a vessel or something that is thinner than usual.  They compared an echo they did before to the echo they did today, and showed us that the vessel was thicker before.  To our delight, the doctors mentioned that this isn’t something we have to worry about.  However, they chose to change the medications a little bit.  Other than this, she is doing very good!

As soon as we walked inside the echo room, coworker Joanne and I expected loud crying to come from Amina, but she was surprisingly very calm through the entire process.  She was just chilling by watching some YouTube videos on her mother’s phone.  She also listened to some songs and was dancing by putting her hands in the air!  This made everyone in the room laugh.  She was a very happy girl today!