A clearer picture

The doctors at Sheba Medical found that Drood’s echo images from last time were not clear enough to see his heart properly, so today he was brought back to the hospital to have an echo with sedation.

Again, at the start of the process, Drood was very upset and afraid of being brought back into the echo room. As soon as his tee-shirt was off, he realised what was going to happen. This time though, one of the doctors gave him a sedative medication which did take a while to start working. He remained awake, but soon became much more relaxed, looking at a video on the phone and getting distracted by his hand up in front of his eyes.So the technician was able to perform his echo, which the doctor could see.

Drood’s diagnosis of VSD was confirmed and the doctor recommends that the hole is closed in a surgery. The father was expecting that there is a problem with the valves in Drood’s heart also, based on what he heard from previous assessments in Kurdistan, but thank God in this more detailed echo today, the doctor saw that the valves were working well and he does not expect they need any intervention.

It’s possible that Drood’s surgery to close the VSD can be as early as next week! We hope and pray for the best for him.