A Close Family

I can’t imagine what it would be like, being a teenager in the hospital for weeks. What a blessing it is that Dleza has a devoted brother that looks after her. There is disappointment that Dleza will need to stay in the hospital for one week longer to finish her antibiotic treatment, but Dleza’s brother was optimistic about further days in the hospital–especially compared to the last month that she has endured in the hospital. I sensed a sadness about the news, but I believe that Dleza is in God’s hands.

Dleza had an echocardiogram today, which was not scheduled. What a blessing! The echo revealed that her heart is responding well to the surgery. The doctor said she will need to stay to finish her medication treatment.

Her mother must be missing both Dleza and her brother terribly. To be so far away for so long must be difficult for her. Please pray for a soon return to her loving family, who will be so happy to see her.