A colored day

Our day at Gaza Clinic started with a time of waiting as the families arrival was delayed. The Echo Area of Wolfson Hospital and it’s grey walls seemed empty and lifeless as we were sitting there, but this feeling changed in a second as the nine families arrived. The Kids, even though being shy at the beginning, brought such beauty into this area and as the time progressed joyful smiles lit up the room.

We gave the children colouring pens and books and quickly discovered some talented artists who coloured flowers and cars. But their creativity was not limited to a piece of paper. The “Save a child’s heart” volunteers had brought a game that Sahar used to create a beautiful picture with colorful sticks. Her beautiful smile grew wider as she was able to forget about being in the hospital and just let her creativity out. Sahar also engaged in solving a jigsaw puzzle with Almuth.

Little Narbil, who was not very happy about being in the Hospital, seemed to forget about that while using water-colours. His eyes were filled with pride as he showed the picture to his mum. The black and white car on his paper had turned into a colorful racing car.

One of the elder boys was able to speak English so we talked to him. He told us that his aunt spoke English and that he enjoyed learning and speaking the language. He and his father were great translators for the rest of the group which was a huge blessing for us as well.

As the day ended, Narbil stayed at the Hospital for a Cath. Two Boys – both named Yahya – and one girl named Batul came over to the Shevet home to stay with us for a few days before they go into their procedures.