A complex baby

Asmeen’s mother was quite upset today when co-worker Alena and I saw her in Sheba hospital. It has been a long time now that Asmeen is intubated after her surgery, and her usually positive mum is finding it hard that she doesn’t speak much Arabic or English, but Kurdish.

Our hearts broke for her as she tearfully showed us the apps she has downloaded for learning English on her phone, as she is so desperate to be able to understand a bit more about the condition of her baby. At the moment, we can’t enter the ICU due to corona restrictions, so not being able to speak to a doctor on their behalf can compound a difficult situation for some of our parents here who speak only Kurdish.

Thankfully, God opened a way for us today, by a very kind nurse who presented our case to the Cardiologist who heads up the care of the ICU children. We were so grateful for her time, where she gave us a full explanation of Asmeen’s current situation, and plans for the future.

She explained that the surgery for the heart had been very successful, and the heart looks well. The complex problem facing Asmeen now is that she has Pulmonary Hypertension, coupled with an unusual bone structure of her ribcage. This means that although her Pulmonary Hypertension is managed well through medications, breathing is still difficult for her, as the chest cannot expand in the typical way. This is why it has not been possible to successfully extubate her as yet. The doctors are going to discuss her case and see whether a surgery can be done which might help her breathing function.

Thank God that the good news is that Asmeen in some ways is recovering well. Please pray for peace and strength for her mum, who has been in the hospital since the day of Asmeen’s first assessment now.