A day at the beach

Today we went on a special trip. The families had the special request for a long time to go to the beach. And today my colleague Jakob and I were able to fulfil their wish. Of course we also looked forward to spending the day with the families at the beach.

The children really enjoyed being out of the house and being able to explore a new environment. The older kids enjoyed the water and the sand. However, Arya wasn’t so convinced yet.  If you had him in your arms and put his little feet in the water, he was fine. But he didn’t enjoy sitting in the sand at all.

Arya and I sat together on the picnic blanket, playing with shells and watched the kite-surfers. He was fascinated and enthusiastic about the surfers, he pointed always with his little finger at the surfers.

His mom really enjoyed the time too. She took lots of pictures and collected shells. It was nice to see all the mothers relaxed and enjoying the time.

Please pray especially for Arya and his mother for their time in Ashdod and for all upcoming treatments.