A day at the Shevet House for Imdad

“I can see your heart 8 billion different ways, every precious one a child you died to save.” 

These are lyrics from one of my favourite songs, and I often find them coming to mind as I am with the families here at Shevet. Today Jonas, a Danish volunteer, and I, and Anna, a new German volunteer, played Uno with Imdad before lunch. I went to his room to knock on his door to ask if he wanted to play, and admittedly I wasn’t sure what his response would be. But he smiled wide as he heard my suggestion.

Imdad was a very fast learner at Uno and it wasn’t like we were going easy on one another- he was playing to win! We broke for lunch and then had tea and biscuits after. Then for three hours we played not only Uno, but spoons, a fast card game where you have to get four of the same number in a row and then quickly grab a spoon at the center of the circle, and there is one less spoon than there is people, so the last one without the spoon is out for the round.

It was a beautiful afternoon, hours of uninterrupted time with Imdad, and then eventually our other teenagers, Khalid and Khonav, joined in. Sometimes it’s easy to just do and do and do, there will always be more things to clean or activities that could be done, but God often puts things before us, and gives them to us to fulfill. Sitting and playing cards with Imdad and Khalid and Khonav was possibly one of my favorite times I’ve had in my ten months at Shevet. It was authentic and joyful, and it bonded us. How good it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity over tea, biscuits and card games, with the sun shining the golden light of ‘just before’ sunset.