A day of good news

I was surprised when I saw little Ayub after he was discharged from Sheba Hospital four months ago. He was much bigger than I expected, and a lot happier than most of the kids before their Echo appointments. Every time I looked at him he showed me his adorable smile.

After a short while of waiting, the Echo technician called us in to do his Echo. Ayub was calm so we were done after just a few minutes.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come into the room, Ayub was so happy and I could play with him a little bit. When his cardiologist came in, he had good news for Ayub’s mother. Ayub is in such good shape, he doesn’t necessarily have to come back to Sheba for cardiac follow-ups, but can also see cardiologists in Gaza. If his parents choose to come back to Sheba however,  Ayub will have a follow-up appointment in half a year, but his doctor was optimistic that there won’t be any complications in the future and his heart will stay in good shape.

We are so thankful that the Lord has taken such good care of our little Ayub and healed him from his heart-defect.