A day of significant, positive outcomes

Today at Sheba Hospital, Meera from Hebron was scheduled for a catheterisation heart procedure.

Meera and her Mum went into the pre-op room and Meera was examined and then taken into the operating theatre and we were instructed to go to the waiting area until the cardiologist came to update us after the procedure had been completed.

Around three hours later, the cardiologist informed us that the procedure had gone very well, above their expectations, and that they had dilated some arteries to improve Meera’s blood flow from her heart and that she would be in recovery for some time before being taken back to her room.

The doctor spoke to Meera’s Mum in Arabic and then told us she had only a small amount of time and gave us gave us a brief overview in English. This has been disclosed already in this blog. We were unable to ask when surgery or any other procedure would be scheduled, however the doctor mentioned she would be cleared for surgery after a period of recovery.

Once Meera was taken to her room, her Mum and we were allowed to go to her room after the attending team had ensured Meera was stable and had all the prescribed instructions from the cardiologist completed.

Several photos were taken with consent and having said our thanks and goodbyes, we left the ICU. All in all it was a day of significant positive outcomes.