A determination to bless others


Mohammed and his mother spent a long day waiting for an admission to Sheba Hospital, where he will undergo an Electrophysiology study.

The day was long but the time for Mohammed passed in a really beautifully productive way. One of the staff at the hospital who works with the children on the wards, invited him to create a 3-D model of a heart. He approached the project with enthusiasm and determination. This project choice was really awesome especially given the fact that he wants to become a Cardiologist with a specialty in Electrophysiology. His mother said that he’s seen and felt the help he has received from these specialists and wants to do the same for others.

Because he has been admitted to the hospital, the project of the heart model will continue tomorrow, and his mother, who is a cardiac nurse, will also continue to enjoy the project!

Getting to know them has been a gift, and I pray for their future, that God will use his life to bless others.