A difficult day

Ghada had a challenging blood test at Sheba Medical today. The purpose of the test was to investigate why her blood sugar was so low, even while receiving supplementary glucose. As the doctors drew blood, there were a few seconds where her body went very limp and her tongue fluttered rapidly in her mouth. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but the doctor explained she was experiencing a small seizure, most likely do to her low blood sugar aggravated by the physical duress she was under because of the incision of the needle. So, needless to say, today was really difficult for Ghada and for her mother.

Nevertheless, when I saw how beloved Ghada is to her mum, I thought it is surely a blessing for Ghada to be in this family because she is so clearly the delight of her parents.

¬†Dear¬† Lord, we know that you have Ghada’s life in your hands, please give her body strength to keep fighting, protect her from any seizures, and bring resolution to the problem of her blood sugar.