A Difficult Time

Today in our morning meeting, we had a special time praying for our babies – of course one of them was our beautiful Rafif. When I went to the hospital I had the expectation of hearing more good news about Rafif but I didn’t find it like this. I saw her grandma in the waiting room looking so tired and sad. She told us that Rafif was not good, and we went together to her room. The doctor came and told us that she was glad that we were there to visit Rafif, and that grandma needs us because they are in a difficult moment. Rafif crashed this morning. They reintubated her and put in drains. The doctor was close to grandma, and gave words to encourage her and both started to cry. This was a beautiful picture.

Rafif is not doing well. She has been in the hospital a long time with a complicated diagnosis. But we know that nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible for our God.

Today I really felt so so bad with Grandma because I couldn’t speak her language. I only gave my hugs and my prayers, but I know that only God can grant peace in the middle of the storm. Please pray for this little baby and for her grandma; they need our prayers.