A Difficult Time for Two Warriors

These last days have been so difficult for Mateen’s Mom, but she is really strong and hopeful. Our beautiful Mateen had another surgery today. The doctors and nurses have been so helpful with his mother this time. They explained  about the different procedures he had and his condition to her and via phone also to her husband.

Today, his surgery took such a long time. After around six hours waiting, Mateen finally came out. The doctor told us that the surgery was good. But for now, he is not completely stable. That’s why they gave him medication supporting his heart. Tomorrow, he is going to have another echo – depending on that and his recovery in these next hours, he will be extubated.

Unfortunately, I could not stay with his mother in the beginning of her waiting. But during the time I did spend with her, I could see a strong mother! As I’ve already said, she is a warrior. And also Mateen stayed so brave during those last 10 days filled with so many procedures. But also, I know that God’s hands are taking care of him. Please pray for this sweet baby. Pray, that he can be stable and completely healed.