A discharge to Gaza for Omar

Co-worker Carina and I arrived in the morning to Sheba and we went directly to Omar’s room. Omar’s mother was waiting for us inside, fully expecting to return to Gaza. Omar was sleeping peacefully in his bed.

A very patient, kind doctor came to the room and was kind to answer all our questions. After inquiring with the cardiologist, this doctor said that the next appointment must be a week from now. In practical terms, this means that Omar’s mother will have to continue to stay in the Shevet community house in Jaffa because it is not possible to arrange such fast travel permits. After we explained this to Omar’s mom she became very sad.

Sometimes staying in a hospital for a long time away from family is not an easy thing for them and she was sure she would return home to her family today. Carina tried to comfort her and offered her coffee and chocolate.

In the afternoon, we returned back to Jaffa in the rain. We were pleased to welcome Omar and his lovely mother back to our community home. We hope they will find ways to enjoy this time with us before they return to Gaza.

Thank you so much for all your prayers! The baby boy is blessed.