A Fast Recovery 

Praise God, because sweet little Ozheen was happily standing up in his bed, less than 24 hours after finishing his surgery yesterday! His mum was in really good spirits also, as she can see that he has strength and is recovering well.

Ozhen still has 3 chest drains in, and is attached to a number of wires, however he was wriggling about trying to get free from the bed! He walked over and gave me a hug, and me and his mum joked that he was trying to get me to bring him home to Shevet.

The medical report was also positive, as we could see. He can eat any milk or food that he wants. Also the nurse was asking to learn some Kurdish words so that she is able to interact with her. Mateen’s mum is also about in the ICU for his surgery, and so can help with some translation. These two mums have a lovely friendship which is beautiful to see.

Please keep Ozhen in your prayers over the weekend. Thank God for giving him so much strength and life!