A father’s love

I visited Hassan in Hadassah hospital today. His catheterization was scheduled for one o’clock, but they found that Hassan had a bit of flu so they did new blood tests to determine if his cath could be done today or not.

While we waited for the results, Hassan’s father , an Arabic speaker, and I, a Spanish speaker,  found that we both could speak in the common language of English.  We talked about my beloved Colombia and its soccer players, I was surprised that he knew some names, but then I discovered the reason: he is a soccer player in Gaza!  I discovered this when we started using the translator with our cell phones. And with the coming and going of many questions and answers, I also found out that Hassan is his first son.

He is a caring father who does not rest from holding his baby, and who does not let him cry, even for a second and fills him with kisses every time he has opportunity. It made me think of the love of the Father, who filled us with kisses when he sent his Son and who never lets go of his hand.

The wait always seems endless.

This evening, every time the hospital room door opened, the hearts sped up with wanting to see Hassan come out of it. Then the highly anticipated moment finally came, and the doctor approached with the good news of a successful procedure which brought a big smile to Hassan’s dad’s face.

For now, Hassan is left with medication for his heart and his case will be studied so that he can have a future surgery to correct things. Keep praying for this beautiful baby!