A few steps closer to going home

Today I went to Sheba Medical Center with little Ibrahim and his lovely mother for an echo and an MRI.

We first went to the echo, where we got the great news that Ibrahim’s heart is so good, that he can go back to Kurdistan.

The only thing that stops them from going home right now is Ibrahim’s brain condition. Four weeks ago, doctors discovered blood between Ibrahim’s brain and his skull. Today they did an MRI to check if the blood is decreasing.  Results will be in possibly tomorrow. If they’re good, God willing Ibrahim and his mom can go home.

Today was a stressful day for Ibrahim and his mother, because Ibrahim was crying most of the time. His lovely mother was with him the whole time and calmed him down very nicely. I really enjoyed spending time with her and to be there for her while waiting.

When Ibrahim was in the MRI, his mom and I sat in the waiting area and prayed together for quite some time which was very nice and I really could feel God’s presence.

Please pray for them as they hope to be able to go home in the next days.