A film star in the making…

Mustafa and his mum were subject to a lot of attention today, which started as soon as they arrived at the doors of the hospital. An Israeli news station wanted to film them and another Kurdish child who was at the hospital today. He had come for his first assessment at the hospital, but as they were waiting, there was time to interview him and his mum.They also filmed the radiographer performing his echo.

The doctor got lots of information from Mustafa’s mother about his condition. She spoke about the multiple surgeries and catheterisations which he has had, and I really felt for this family who have had to take their son abroad to get the best care possible for him. Mustafa’s doctor confirmed that his aorta is extremely large, and that he will need a surgery to make it smaller. In order to prepare for this, he requires a CT scan, which was requested today, and we will wait for the assigned date.

Later that day, there was a happy reunion when Mustafa and his mother met Jonathan at the hospital.

On our way home, we also brought Samir back. Together we discussed the experience with the film crew, and agreed that Samir was the biggest celebrity. The mums got on very well which was lovely and I really enjoyed our time together.