Please don’t cry

Shireen enjoyed her car ride to Sheba hospital today, happily looking out of the window at the traffic. She was dressed beautifully for this important first appointment at the hospital, which she attended with the family of another Kurdish child Ahmad, as well.

The big test came when it was time to face strangers in a strange land for her first echo exam. As you’ll hear in the video below her mum and our coworker Julio pleaded with her not to cry!

But Shireen was happy to watch a video on YouTube, and have some milk which kept her calm during her echo. The doctor confirmed the diagnosis given in Kurdistan, and suggested her heart defect is a big problem, likely needing to be fixed in two steps.

First the doctors will meet together to discuss her case, and make a surgery plan. She will also need to see the neurologist to have an assessment of her development.

Thank you for keeping little Shireen in your prayers.