A first day outside for little Meera

Yesterday was the first time for our beautiful Meera to be outside of her bed since her time in the hospital. Her father who is always taking loving care of his beloved daughter, was able to put Meera in a stroller and drive her around.

He went to us in the echo area where we were sitting with some other families telling everyone the good news with a happy face and all of us joined him in his happiness about this event. It is very nice that Meera has the chance to see her greater environment now and to be able to experience so many new things.

Her father took Meera outside of the hospital for a short time which was great especially for Meera to have some fresh air. Meera is a beautiful girl and everyone who sees her begins immediately to love and interact with her. One of the nurses got her some presents because she wants her to improve in her hand movement a bit. It was really nice of the nurse to do this; she loves little Meera as well.

We continue to pray for Meera and her lovely father for the time they still have in the hospital.