A first Echo assessment

Today we had the first echo assessment for a new little one named Ahmed. He is a seven month old baby with Downs Syndrome from Kurdistan. He is the youngest of seven children. He is a very quiet boy and his mother is very kind.

His echo took about one and a half hours, with two Cardiologists and different technicians taking many assessment images to get a good picture of his heart. I encouraged the mother with the explanation that the doctors are taking their time to carefully do their best for Ahmed, and know exactly what he has.

It was a very beautiful moment to see an Israeli Arab doctor with an Israeli Jewish doctor, being assisted by a Russian Israeli technician, all in the same room, all performing the echo for this Kurdish boy.

Finally we got out and performed the rest of the tests which included a blood test, an x-ray and an ECG. The cardiologists decided that they prefer to do an additional CT scan in the next few days.

The mother of Ahmed was very patient all the time. She happily met up with several other Kurdish mothers during her time in the hospital.