A first echo at Hadassah

After almost one week of waiting, Dahen finally had his first echo at Hadassah Hospital. Since they arrived to Israel last week, Dahen’s mother has been asking us almost every day about his surgery, as well as when will we go to the hospital with Dahen. But today was finally the day!  After the echo, Dahen’s mother talked via a translator with the doctor and asked him all the questions she had about the surgery and about Dahen’s condition.

Because of his cough, Dahen will get his surgery next week, so that he has time to recover. His lungs are not really free and will require medicine in the meantime. His doctor was also really glad to tell us that Dahen’s surgery will be an easy one. Still the surgery is really important for him. The doctor mentioned that Dahen can’t live with his heart defect much longer. His mother now knows the importance of this surgery which she has been looking forward to for a long time now.

Thankfully Dahen’s mother is much more relaxed now that she finally saw a doctor. We are slowly getting to know her better and better. I am always excited to learn new Kurdish words from her. Often we end up laughing because of funny misunderstandings or just because we don’t understand anything from each other.

Please pray for Dahen and his mother, that they can enjoy their time here with us here in our fledgling Jerusalem community as much as possible.