A full day for Mir

Mir was not well rested for his first echo at Sheba Hospital today, fighting off sleep the whole day, so these weird doctors doing all these echos and EKGs and all variety of tests did not help him to rest. However towards the end of the day he got to doze off into sleep. He had a very full day with an echo, intake interview, chest X-ray, blood test (which he hated most) and a meeting with his doctor, along with waiting for another child to finish their own surgery. He was rather happy and curious towards the doctors and nurses, smiling at them before crying once the test started; I can tell he will make many many friends here.

Mir has a very complicated condition, so doctors could only really tell us today that he will need a CT later this week for them to have enough information to then meet and plan on what should be done in his case.

Tomorrow he will be in the ER for all-day diarrhea and possible thrush, and hopefully this week we will also have a CT scan to give us all the information we need.