A full day of assessments

Salwa was called into hospital for an echo this morning and an ultrasound this evening. God knew the way the day would unfold; and instead of a “quick echo” first thing, the echo took over two hours. Salwa was given some sedation to help get some clear images of her heart and coronary arteries. It was not possible, despite a team of doctors looking at the images. Salwa was then sent to have a CT scan. Thankfully the sedation helped her to sleep, as she was unable to drink milk before the CT. She later attended the routine Ultrasound to check her brain and kidneys prior to surgery.

It was good to spend the time with Salwa and her mother, now they have completed their two weeks of arrival quarantine. In the hospital, she wanted to take some photos together, and it was a blessing to see her face as she lowered her mask for the photos. She is a really beautiful lady.

The day required a fair amount of waiting; for appointments, within appointments (for Salwa to wake from sedation) and for other families, and this displayed even more of Salwa’s mother’s beauty, as she sat for the whole day without a word or hint of complaint about the time it took. It is a blessing to be someone with a kind-hearted attitude and able to exhibit great patience.
Salwa is due to have surgery early next week, Lord willing.