A funny day with Kenan

Today, coworker Elise and I went together with Kenan and his mom to an appointment in the dietary clinic at Sheba Hospital. Because we were really early, we still needed to wait for about two hours. We used this time to learn some Arabic with Kenan’s mom and she taught us some new really useful words. She even told us that she taught the volunteers yesterday also some new words and it was so nice to see how she enjoys helping us learn Arabic.

Kenan was really funny today and was  smiling a lot. He enjoyed faking his cough and seeking all the attention which made us and his mom truly laugh at him. We really enjoyed waiting with them for their appointment.

After asking some questions the doctor said that Kenan is improving well. He‘s eating well like he should do and gained a little weight. In three months, Kenan will have to return for a follow-up appointment.

Kenan’s mother was a little worried about his bowel movement, but the doctor assured everything is okay and that she doesn’t need to worry.

After the appointment Kenan was really tired and fell asleep. Fortunately he and his mother were able to return home to Gaza afterwards.