A gift in waiting

It has been a blessing to see Mohaned and his grandmother everyday here at our home in Jaffa. It’s an unusual and unexpected blessing to have this extra time with these Gaza families outside of the hospital and busy schedules. Mohaned and his grandmother are both very sweet.

Today, Mohaned had an echo and a respiratory checkup. The echo was good and as they expected. However, the doctors have discovered a new genetic condition for Mohaned that makes him susceptible to many different respiratory illnesses throughout his life. Because of this, they think that he will need respiratory therapy for most of his life, as well as antibiotics.

Even though this is difficult news to receive we know that we serve a God who is able to heal and restore these earthly bodies. He created us and knows us all from each hair to each vein. So we pray for the Lord to give Mohaned’s body strength and to respond well to this therapy. We praise God that Mohaned will be able to continue to stay with us here in Jaffa while the doctors work out this new plan for him. Please pray for wisdom and understanding in how to walk forward and for the Lord to continue to provide for all his needs. Mohaned knows who is watching over him: