A glimmer of hope

It seems that Salwa had a day today at Sheba hospital in a condition ever so slightly better than yesterday. It is a good sign that she has remained stable on the ECMO machine, and although for now her body needs the machine, there is discussion amongst the medical team about attempting to wean her off the ECMO after the weekend.

Salwa’s mother, without a doubt in her mind, chose to come early to hospital with co-worker Alena and I this morning. Although she was able to rest at home, it was hard to be away from Salwa. This exemplary mother spent the day in the hospital with beautiful patience. When the day could have, and in some ways should have been all about her daughter or her grief and her worry, she was instead beautifully aware of the others around her.  She conducted herself with dignity and a selfless attitude. Salwa is blessed to have her as a mother.

Salwa’s mother is also hopeful that perhaps Salwa’s father would be able to come and join them. It’s unlikely this request will be awarded as it was difficult to get entry permission even for the desperately unwell baby herself, but it’s worth asking. It would be a big relief for Salwa’s mother if her husband could be by her side during these days.

As the news of the day brought some hope to her mum, and all of us who love Salwa are praying for her, I wanted to share the photo of Salwa’s mother on the first day out of quarantine, joyful to breathe in the sea air, and looking forward with expectation to Salwa’s healing.
Please pray that God would continue to fill her heart with hope.