A Good Day

Varin had an appointment for an MRI and MRA test for her heart today. There was a bit of confusion, as her mum was expecting also an MRI for her brain. The hospital kindly have sorted this out for Varin to have this scan at another date.


The doctor was very pleased that he was able to cannulate Varin on the first attempt! Varin was not too happy about it, but soon she was asleep for the MRI.

Mum was able to give some translation help and support to Dino’s mum who was brought into the room where patients come before and after sedation. This was a great help and comfort to her I am sure. I did reflect on how blessed we are to have met Varin’s mum. She remains hopeful and positive in every situation, even though she shares that inside her heart she is stressed and afraid for Varin. Thank God for her, she is so lovely.

The news for Varin today was positive in that that scans were able to provide the medical team with some very clear images which will now be used to formulate a plan for Varin’s next surgery. Mum was also pleased to hear that perhaps Varin would only need one surgery; she is hopeful that this would be her only stay in Israel for Varin’s surgery. The other piece of nice news for Varin today is that her first bacteria test has come back negative. She needs a few more tests over the next few weeks to confirm that she is now bacteria-free, but this is a great first step. Please pray for lovely Varin and her family. Praise God that he has healed her so far, and we hope to hear soon about the next steps for her surgery.