A Good Day

It is always a good today when you’re with Ana and her mum! Today she had her first surgical follow-up with the plastic surgeon to see how her cleft palate surgery is healing, but first we went to the cardiac unit first to bring Samir and his mum while Colin parked the car. As we waited together they chatted, and had coffee and cakes provided by a little cart that provides free snacks and drinks some morning in the echo waiting area. When Colin came up, we left to go to the plastic surgery building. I remarked to Ana’s mum that because of Ana we are seeing more of Sheba than ever before, since we usually stick to the children’s building, and that her mum should be called the queen of Sheba because she knows where everything is.

The doctor eventually saw us and remarked that everything looks excellent! We thought, initially, she’d be ready to go back to Kurdistan, but she cannot yet take solid foods, and he wants to see that she can tolerate them before she goes back. Please pray that she takes more to solid food! It is a blessing that Georgia was a speech pathologist back in England and can help with her rehabilitation. Please also pray for His timing in everything because she has a PEG tube, that they are trying to wean her off of. Hopefully when she takes solid foods, it will be obsolete, and then will need a procedure to remove. We ask God to align all of this in His timing, for Ana’s good and for His glory.