A Good Echo

Today when I went to the echo room in the hospital I could see a beautiful scene in front to me: it was our brave Dino and his lovely mother. They were waiting for an echo and I join them in the waiting,  I had a beautiful time with them singing his song in Hebrew (it’s a song with his name) and the brave boy only smiled, this made us happy.


Finally they did the echo and the doctor was very happy about it, she said that everything looked good. Now the only thing is that he needs to wait in the hospital for around 5 to 6 weeks for antibiotic treatment. His mother was very happy for the echo results and today she seemed better from the news of her dad being very sick. Please continue pray for this beautiful baby, for his fast recovery and also for his grandfather’s healing, that God would give peace to his amazing mother. We believe that God is in control of this situation!