A good echo

Hadeel had her first echo today since being discharged from Sheba hospital. For the past week it has been quite difficult making the adjustment to our community home. Hadeel has been crying a lot, and her patient and committed father has had the support of all the other parents in the house, taking turns to help Hadeel to relax and sleep.

Thankfully, Hadeel has been getting better and better each day, so today it was a real pleasure to spend the day with her in the hospital, and see how calm and happy she was, hardly crying at all.

Hadeel was loved as well by the Kurdish mums at the hospital during the waiting today.

Hadeel has gained weight very well, which is the first good sign. The echo also showed that her heart is looking good. She needs to come back next week for another check-up.

Her dad was very pleased with her progress.