A good echo

Today was Imdad’s first echo assessment after he was discharged from his surgery. The hospital was full of precautions for the coronavirus, and we were issued with masks to wear when we entered the building. Unable to see each others’ whole faces, we shared laughter in our eyes at how we looked in the masks.

Thankfully Imdad’s cardiologist told us that the surgery looks good, and they are able to begin decreasing one of his medications. He reminded Imdad that it’s really important that he will need to take aspirin for his whole life, as there is a conduit in his heart, and this will help to prevent any stenosis of this and hopefully avoid future interventions.

It was a lovely blessing to be able to share the good news of Imdad’s recovery with them. Please pray that he continues to do well, and that the situation with the coronavirus will come to a close, which would mean that there is a way for them to return home to Kurdistan after his next echo.