A good echo

Today was Mohammed’s first out-patient echo since his surgery. He looked handsome in a stripey blue onesey, and was very smiley. It was good to see already that there is improvement in his arm and leg which had suffered since the bleed in his brain. Thankfully, we are seeing healing in this area.

There is also good news from his echo, despite Mohammed’s case being quite difficult, the surgery looks to be good and his heart is functioning well. The doctor was very thorough to assess Mohammed’s condition, also looking over his ECG to consider the electrical activity of his heart. Thankfully, Mohammed is presenting well at the moment and is in a good condition despite the challenging journey he has been on.

His mum is so patient and intelligent, it is lovely to be with her and share the enjoyment of seeing her baby well.

He will start having physiotherapy sessions with Shevet staff coordinator and physical therapist, Luzma at our Shevet home, so please pray he continues to improve in the function of his arm and leg, and his physical strength in general. He needs to be seen by the neurologist before he can return home, which will be in a few weeks’ time, as well as another echo.  Thank you for your prayers for Mohammed.