A good echo today, but there’s a fever

Meena was due to be discharged today, but is being kept for a few more days due to a fever. She did come from the department to have an echo today which showed good surgical results from last week. Her mum reiterated what she has said from the beginning, i.e. until Meena is good, her mother will stay with her, it is no problem.

Everyone loved her today as they saw her in the echo waiting area. The staff who passed by, would comment on how cute she is, and the other Kurdish families who were nearby, came over to photograph her. For a minute it looked like Meena was having a paparazzi moment. What can we say? She’s so beautiful and strong. Please continue to pray for Meena’s recovery. Pray also for her mum who is working hard to help the other Kurdish families in the hospital especially with translation. We saw today that Meena’s mum is becoming very tired.