A good first echo

Beautiful Lewan had her first evaluation at Sheba hospital this morning. The whole process went very smoothly and we were finished within an hour.

Lewan had surgery to patch a VSD when she was four, and two years later, her echoes began showing pressure and regurgitation from one the valves in her heart. Now, at eleven, she needs surgery to repair the valve. The doctors will discuss her case at their meeting tomorrow and decide on the details of her surgery.

Lewan and her mother waited quite some time while Lucia and Laura and I visited all the children in the hospital, but they were so lovely and patient for the whole day. She showed me photos of her sisters and brother at home, as well as of all her best friends. We’re hoping for news from the doctors soon, but in the meantime we’re glad to enjoy our time with this sweet girl at home in Ashdod.