A good mood on Lia’s surgery day

This morning I was surprised to find out that Lia would have her surgery today and not on Thursday as originally planned. So when I arrived at the hospital she was already in the operation. I met her grandmother and we had a nice talk. She told me it would be a long surgery, maybe about seven hours. But praise God, the lovely grandmother was really hopeful and in a very good mood all of the time! She even taught me a lesson in Arabic and showed meĀ  her English skills.

In the operation the medical staff created a forth chamber in Lia’s heart since she had only three chambers until now. Due to the difficulty of this surgery it took a long time. This is why I was so happy to see our little Lia finally out of surgery and in a very good situation.

Also it was very precious to see that the whole surgery team was in such a good mood after the operation! May God bless them for their good work:)

Thank you for all prayers for the surgery of our loved Lia and please keep praying, that Lia’s health status continues to improve]. We have a reason to be thankful and hopeful since all is in GOD’s hands:)