A good recovery

Today at Sheba Medical Center, during an appointment for another child, the cardiologist couldn’t help but share her excitement regarding Asmaa’s echo. She told us that the valve repair was a great success in yesterday’s surgery, and already she can see that the pulmonary pressure of the heart is improved. It’s a much nicer long term outcome than if Asmaa had needed to have a replacement by a mechanical valve, and hopefully will then avoid long term medications.

The corona virus restrictions meant that we were unable to visit Asmaa, but we video-called her faithful grandma when we were in the hospital. Firstly, she showed us Asmaa intubated, and she said she didn’t want to leave her side, as she was worried that Asmaa might try and pull out her breathing tube, as she did after the last surgery.

Later, we spoke to another member of the medical team who told us that Asmaa was going to be extubated later today, and then this afternoon, in a video call with grandma, she filled my phone screen with this lovely image of Asmaa sleeping after being extubated.

Thank God for this quick recovery, and please pray that the valve repair continues to be strong and to function properly.