A good run for happy Shireen

Thank God that our lovely Shireen and her friendly mother were getting discharged from Sheba Medical Center today. Yesterday, she was having an Echo and thankfully the reading was good. But the doctors still wanted to keep her in the hospital for one night more to make sure that there won’t be any problems potentially coming later.

So they kept her in the hospital, but today, she and her mother were allowed to leave the hospital and go to our house in Jaffa. It is a blessing from God that everything is going so well and quick with this lovely girl, and also that there is no need for any medications after everything is completed.

She and her mother were happy to be discharged from the hospital today and were especially happy for the delicious Kurdish food that awaited them back at the house in Jaffa. It was cooked by two of the mothers (co-worker Carina helped) that are living and staying with us at the moment.

Shireen needs to come back for an Echo in one week to check if she is still doing well. Meanwhile, they will have a good time in Jaffa with some of the other Kurdish families that are with us at the moment.

Thank God that everything is going so well so far with this lovely girl, and thank you for your prayers. Let us continue to pray for Shireen and her mother that the good run continues.