A Goodbye Dance for Hassan

Today was a very happy day for our precious Hassan. As I walked into his room there was a bright smile on his beautiful face while his aunt was packing their stuff together. She happily told me they can go back to Gaza. I was very surprised because Hassan still has a bad cough but his heart is doing great so the doctors allowed him to go home after two months and 12 days.

We celebrated his discharge and danced a little bit with Hassan and his aunt. It really touched my heart to see them this happy.

The drive to Gaza was a little bit exhausting because there was so much traffic and Hassan wasn’t amused about it. We arrived in the late afternoon and dropped these two amazing people off.

Now that they are home again please keep on praying for them. Hassan’s cough needs to get better and also pray for the aunt to get strength again at home with her family. Thanks to our great God who has been with them all the time!