A Grandmother’s Heart

We were greeted in the children’s waiting area by the grandmother of Rafif, who is a young-looking grandmother. She wandered into the children’s registration area while we waited to register Ali for his procedure. Being a grandmother myself, I could identify with her and the enormous burden she feels for her grandchild. Very ill, with nurses and doctors hurrying in and out, attending to the many tubes and equipment surrounding her tiny infant, can be overwhelming day after day. She is helpless to change the situation.

Rafif is so tiny and has been through so much in her young life. Grandma waits for any small bits of positive news. I wanted to close out all the noises that floated about, wrap Rafif in the silence, and give her peace as she fights so hard to live. As I gazed at her tiny body, I prayed that some day she would know the God who knit her in her mother’s womb.