A great day at the hospital

Our sunshine Rovar was in such a lovely mood today, full of energy and joy and constantly laughing. While we were waiting for his first physiotherapy appointment (which he needed because the way he walks is not right), he had a lot of fun clowning around with Frank.

The appointment itself was such a lovely experience. At the beginning it felt like some kind of conference as we were sitting with six doctors and physiotherapists around a table, talking about Rovar’s condition. He was very cheerful going through the routines with them. They all did a very good job and were so friendly, knowing exactly what to do. It made me very happy to see so many of them caring for one little child.

The outcome of this appointment was that Rovar‘s right site is a little bit atrophic, undeveloped. One of them wanted him to walk with insoles which would lift the heel of his right foot.

The idea is that they will try all kinds of physical aids, and give him exercises so that as he grows his muscles will strengthen and the issues will be resolved on their own. They would like to evaluate him more by doing  different checks such as his hand function.

Most encouraging and beautiful for me was to hear at the end that normally they do these things only for Israeli children. Before we entered the room they didn’t know that none of us have an Israeli citizenship and when they found out, they treated us with the same kindness and decided to help Rovar anyway.

I am so thankful for this great day at the hospital, to feel how God is in control and how everything worked out so perfectly. Please pray for good timing and wisdom regarding the schedule of all of Rovar‘s upcoming appointments.