A great move for Aiman!

Today upon arriving to visit baby Aiman, we received the wonderful news that he has been extubated and moved to the secondary ICU. I arrive to a calmly sleeping infant whose monitor stats are all excellent! Praise the Lord! Each of these precious little lives are in the palm his hand, and He controls each destiny, but it is also so good to see the improvement of no tubes and fewer monitors for Aiman knowing what he has been through, and after visiting some of the more critical care babies to know that their situations too can improve as this precious little ones has. I visit with his grandmother for a bit using hand gestures (since we speak different languages), to see if she slept okay last night and she communicates that she did and is excited that Aiman is doing so much better! I am reminded of how draining it is on these precious people to be at the hospital day in and day out, trying to sleep on a cot with nurses coming in and out continuously, monitors beeping, children crying, worried about your loved one and watching them suffer without being able to do much for them. I pray that the Lord will sustain each one of them and somehow through this trying time reveal his great love and care for them that they too may come to a knowledge of their Redeemer Messiah! Tiny Aiman stirs and opens his eyes. I lean in and talk to him and his eyes focus on my face. I talk to him and place my hand on him to pray over him and continue to speak life over him. He continues to gaze around contentedly then drifts back into a peaceful sleep. This getting better is hard work you know! Praise to the Almighty Who is continuing to restore health to Aiman! May our Lord be praised, and may he continue to be exalted in all of our lives that the world may know what a mighty God we serve!