A happy day!

As cold water to a weary soul, So is good news from a far country.
Proverbs 25:25 NKJV

We arrived later than usual at the hospital today, and Ahmed’s grandma greeted us enthusiastically, saying that they were being discharged home today! She is a very beautiful lady, and especially so today, as her face was lit up at the thought of being home with her husband and family. They have been here for 21 days, she told me, and she excitedly spoke on the phone during out journey back to explain that she and Ahmed were on their way home.

Ahmed was sleepy and sweet, cuddled in many many blankets, prepared for his return home.

Thank God for the healing of Ahmed, brought into good health, and can return to his family. We will see him again hopefully in one month, for a check up. His grandma and I parted ways with the hope of seeing each other again.