A happy family

When I arrived at the Intensive Care Unit today where Alaa is, I was met by his extremely happy uncle. I have met Alaa’s uncle one time before, but it was in the nighttime when it was dark and so I was unable to see his face properly. Today though, it was a pleasure to see his bright smile, as he ushered me in to see Alaa, and declared that, thank God, Alaa was recovering wonderfully.

As Alaa was supposed to have just one visitor at a time, the uncle left us alone, and I was able to see with my own eyes the reason for his joy. Alaa, although still supported by machines and medicines, had his eyes open, and moved his hands and mouth in response, as I spoke to him. I wanted to tell him that there are so many people praying for him across the world.

Thank God for the healing so far for Alaa. Keep the prayers  coming.