A happy goodbye

Little Taman was finally able to go home! A joyful day for him and his mum.

My day started with a little bit of confusion. In the last update I received, I was told that Taman was in the same hospital room with Halbast. However, during my visit there, I could not find Taman. Luckily I met Taman’s mum in front of the Echo Area. She smiled happily at me and showed me where they had been moved. As we walked she was watching a YouTube video to learn some English. I was impressed by her initiative to learn and to see the joy it gave her. Since my Kurdish is not the best, we started a “Dual learning experience“. I was repeating the Kurdish phrases and she repeated the English. It was a lot of fun and Taman seemed to enjoy it as well. His cute little smile was shining on us.

As I talked to the nurse she told me that Taman would probably be discharged at around two o‘clock. I left the ICU to talk to Colin about how we could arrange the day since it all seemed quite complicated. But as we were trying to figure out a plan, God provided the best way possible. One of the nurses came to me and told me that Taman would be discharged immediately. At first I couldn‘t believe what I had heard. He continued and said that they needed the bed and they prepared everything so we were able to go. As I told Taman’s mum, she seemed quite surprised but incredibly happy. We collected her things and Taman, and started to leave. Passing the nurses’ station, the two nurses celebrated with us and were blessed with Taman’s beautiful smile. It was lovely to see how much the nurses care about our kids and their parents.

As I said, God had prepared the perfect way. Unexpectedly, Daryan’s and Paula‘s appointment (same hospital) ended at the same time as we were leaving and we were able to fill up our van called ‘Junior’ and drive all of them home, where Taman was greeted lovingly.