A Happy Mother

Today our beautiful Saya had her surgery. when I entered her room very early in the morning the medical team was preparing everything to take her to the surgery room, Saya cried and her sweet mother tried to calm her and finally they took her. I stayed with her mom who is amazing and sweet. In the beginning she did not understand what was happening and she was a little bit scared. We stayed for about five hours with her until finally the doctor came out and told us that her surgery was a success. They did an echo which showed that everything had gone as expected. Mom was very happy. Although we do not speak the same verbal language, the language of love, laughter and hope was enough. She was very quiet during the waiting time, she would sometimes go into a sea ​​of ​​tears and then looked at me with a smile. I tried a thousand things to distract her and help make the wait more pleasant. Thank God we had a beautiful time together.

Saya finally came out of the surgery room and mom was very happy. If everything goes well she can be extubated later today. Please continue to pray for this beautiful little girl, for her quick recovery, and for strength for her beautiful mother at this time.