A happy mum

When I told Yousif’s mother that we needed to leave early this morning for their appointment at Sheba, she told me she would be ready not just by 8am, but 5am, as she is so excited for the potential outcome of today’s echo.

At the hospital, Yousif was silent during the echo, staring into his mum’s eyes throughout. She was staring back, willing the images of the echo to show that he is in a good condition, and might be able to go home. Thankfully, the doctor told her the good news that Yousif could be discharged to Kurdistan. She said “I’m so happy,” which was special to hear. She has missed her husband a lot during the time in Israel.

Thank God that it looks like Yousif will be returning home very soon to be reunited with his family, in a healthy condition. We have seen a change in him as he is growing up. He is a bit bigger and stronger, and his face is changing as he puts on weight. He is starting to become more interactive and much less tired; he is starting to cry, and smile, and look at things. It’s sweet to watch him grow, as before he was tired so much of the time with his heart defect.

Thank God for the healing we have seen here.