A happy send-off

This morning coworker Bethany, Max and I went to Sheba Hospital to see Eva before her first heart surgery. Eva’s mother was worried and anxious about the upcoming surgery, but Eva smiled at her mother, and Max and Bethany and encouraged her making it a little easier to let her go.

At 8.00 am Eva went into her surgery.

A long wait began. Most of the time I stayed by Eva’s mother’s side, she needed a lot of patience. Only after four hours the surgeon told us that Eva has successfully come through her first surgery.

They placed a band around the vessel to minimize the volume of blood to the lungs. As a result, the body gets more blood. After a few days, Eva should be able to eat better and gain weight. Praise God she is doing well.

We pray that Eva continues to recover well and that no complications arise, God protect her and give healing.