A Happy Surprise

Nila and her mum joined Hani and Jabali in today’s trip to the hospital for their appointments. For the other two, we had a clear hope that they would be discharged at this point, but for Nila, we had thought that there is a real possibility that the duct which was seen in the last echo would be examined more closely, and another intervention would be needed. Mum really was convinced that she was going to need a catheterisation to open the duct.

So, I must share with you how God really was with us today.

Firstly, our usually wriggly little Nila was completely peaceful and still throughout the initial echo, and the second echo which the doctor carried out. She was so calm that the doctor was able to get good images of her heart.

Secondly, thank God that there was no indication of the duct from the last echo. This meant that the doctor suddenly was able to announce that Nila can be discharged home to Kurdistan. She has a small chance that she may need another surgery in the future.

This news was such a surprise, and Nila’s mum cried as she realised that it means that she can return home to her husband and other daughter.

Praise God for healing precious Nila’s heart.