A hard decision to make

This week Miran’s doctors at Sheba Hospital had a meeting about how to go on with his treatment. He has severe pulmonary stenosis which will probably take quite some time to resolve. His doctor wants to see him again in two to three months to see how much improvement has occurred within that time. Miran’s parents have now a tough decision to make: either he and his mother will stay here with us for the next few months, or they will go back home to Kurdistan and try to be back in time. So together with their parents and Samaritan’s Purse, we’re trying to decide what the best thing for him is right now.

Meanwhile, Miran is still like a little sunshine in our house; he is spreading joy and is always ready to play.Please pray for Miran’s parents, that they will know what to do. They are going through a hard time at the moment, so please ask the Lord to be there for them! But you can also join us in thanksgiving. We are so grateful that this family came here and that they make every day that we are spending with them so much brighter!